BioNova MgO 10


Описание BioNova MgO 10

This product contains 10% MgO. One of the elements that is indispensable in Bio Nova’s line of liquid mineral fertilizers is magnesium. Magnesium forms the reactive nuclei in the chlorophyll, which converts light energy into chemical energy (ATP and ADP). A deficiency of magnesium manifests itself in chlorosis (slight decolourisation) between the nerves of old leaves and also an early dropping of leaves. An excess results into an ill-growing crop and small leaves. This product has the same characteristics as the other liquid mineral fertilizers offered by Bio Nova:

MgO 10 работает очень быстро.
MgO 10 экономичен и не содержит лишних ингредиентов.

Дозировка 1: 1000 увеличивает общее количество Mg от 2 ммоль.


В случае недостатка добавить 25-100 мл. на 100 литров питательного раствора.

Произведено в Голландии

Объем: 1 литр

Стоимость: 1.900 руб.